#TSGHSV reaction: "We're a quality group of players!"

Here's what the TSG players plus the two managers had to say after Hoffenheim's 2-0 win over HSV.

Julian Nagelsmann: "We played really well in the first half and tried out something new with a 4-2-3-1 formation. We took HSV’s technically gifted defensive midfielder out of the game and closed down the centre well. We could have taken the lead earlier than we did, but our 2-0 lead at the break was deserved. At the break we planned to change things around and only wait for the chance to counter from then on – if we score a third, the game is wrapped up. In the end we deserved more from the game, and HSV had no route to our goal. I did think, however, that HSV played well, but we dealt with them very well on the whole. Serge Gnabry had some thigh problems at training yesterday, so once he’d done his part today, we took him off as a precautionary measure."  

Christian Titz (Hamburg head coach): "Our opponents today came at us with unreal aggression. Hoffenheim put a lot of pressure on and were deservedly 2-0 up at the break. Our mistake was that we let Hoffenheim work their way through us with their passing game too easily – TSG’s goals were obviously well-worked, but no one on our side really closed them down. We came up against a team today that defended and countered very well, so it’s a fair result."

Nico Schulz: "My conclusion: Three points and a good day. I said to Adam before the game: ‘I need to set a goal up for you today’ – and somehow it worked. We played well in the first half and put on a lot of pressure. We went two goals up quickly which made it difficult for Hamburg from there. We still take it one game at a time and we want to win as many games as possible. I get the trust from the manager and I try to pay him back with good performances. I feel good in this team – very good, and I think everyone can see that. We’re a quality group of players."

Oliver Baumann: "The chants of European football from the supporters today were great to hear – that is our aim after all. We put in the right performance for that in the first half and in the second we sat deeper and waited for the opportunities to counter. Perhaps we didn’t enjoy quite enough possession in that time, but on the whole it was a deserved win which we probably should have made bigger."

Adam Szalai: "We created a lot of chances in the first half and could have decided the game a lot earlier. We’ve been strong at the back in our last few games and we’re dangerous going forward - everything is going well. The last few games have been very important – we’re coming up against a strong side in Leipzig next Saturday, that will be a tough task, but our game is to pick up all three points."



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