TSG-App now "speaks" English

TSG Hoffenheim will be releasing an international version of their App for iOS and Android on Friday, just in time ahead of the draw for the Champions League Playoffs. The update will be made available to download in English immediately. The App provides TSG fans around the globe not just with all the most important information on “Hoffe”, but also enables them to purchase tickets and fan accessories.

"This further development is an important step on our route to internationalisation and digitisation ahead of TSG's first appearance in a European competition," said Dr. Peter Görlich, chief executive of innovation, marketing and sales at TSG.

TSG Hoffenheim start the new season in the Champions League playoffs after the most successful campaign in the club's history. The ties will be drawn on Friday at 12:00 CEST at UEFA's meet in Nyon, Switzerland. The first legs will take place on 15th/16th August. "We are looking forward to playing on the European stage. Julian Nagelsmann and his team will certainly be able to bring in some more fans from abroad. We want the new App to inform them quickly and reliably," said Christian Frommert, director of media & communications. The club is building its international profile with the English version of the App. Fans will not just be able to stay up-to-date in English 24/7 using the homepage, Twitter and Facebook, they will also "get a new, exclusive look behind the scenes of our club," added Frommert.

The TSG App was relaunched in April for iOS and Android devices. New functions were added in a first update at the start of July. News articles will be uploaded via social media posts and picture galleries, the navigation has been improved and it is now possible for the user to share messages with colleagues, family and friends using the social share function. All users who have not selected "German" as the language in settings on their smartphone, will be brought the latest updates after downloading the App in English automatically.

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