Sven Schipplock:"The break came at exactly the right time"

Sven Schipplock is a fan favourite at Hoffenheim. After having a tough start to the season due to injury, manager Markus Gisdol recently said that he believes the striker is at the same level as Adam Szalai and Anthony Modeste. spoke to “Schibbo” ahead of Saturday's game against FC Bayern.

Hello Sven. The Bundesliga is back on Saturday. Are you ready?

Sven Schipplock: Yes, of course. The anticipation is even greater after the international break because you can only train and don't have any games. We're already fired up for our next match.

Your opponents have been very impressive…

Schipplock: It's special to play against FC Bayern. They strengthened their team once again after the World Cup. On top of that, you often see them playing on TV in the Champions League. The tension and anticipation is always greater for games like these.

Did the break after the Köln game come at a good time or would you have rather played straightaway?

Schipplock: The break came at exactly the right time for me. I'm constantly fighting against the after-effects of my injury from the summer. A week off has been good as I worked in both the gym and on the pitch to try and get back to where I want to be

Recently, Markus Gisdol said that you have been training well and you are on the same level as Anthony Modeste and Adam Szalai. What do you think of the compliment?

Schipplock: As a player, it's nice to hear when the manager thinks positively about the way I'm training. It pushes me to do more. For many players, giving your all at training is an impetus and it will pay off sooner or later.

Did you sit in front of the TV during the international break to see how your teammates were getting on?

Schipplock: I didn't watch every game but I caught up and watched the highlights. You have a different view on a game if a teammate is playing. I sent Kevin a text yesterday to wish him luck and we exchanged a view messages. He said he was going to give his all and score a goal (laughs).

You haven't been able to train for a long time. Can you tell the fans what you have been doing?

Schipplock: I've spent a lot of time in the gym to prevent further injuries and have made sure that I warm up properly. That's important. I try and take that onto the pitch in order to be the best I can. Sometimes it's cold outside, especially in winter, and therefore, I stay longer in the dressing room and head to the training ground as late as possible.

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