Anthony Modeste: "I want to be more clinical"

Anthony Modeste has been a Hoffenheim player since last summer. Ahead of the game against Mainz 05 (Saturday, March 15th at 15:30 CET), the French striker spoke about his season, his goal drought, his family and of course the game against Mainz.

Hello, Anthony. The temperature is increasing in the Kraichgau. Does it remind you of the weather in the Cote d'Azur, the place you call home?

Anthony Modeste: The weather is great at the moment, probably even better than it is at home. Training in these conditions makes it even more fun.

After going a long time without scoring, you found the back of the net again against Freiburg. How great was the sense of relief?

Modeste: I think the pictures after the goal speak for themselves. I was delighted about the goal having not scored in a long time.

After 24 games, you have scored nine goals this season. How happy are you with your personal performance?

Modeste: I think that for my first season, nine goals are fine. I have missed a lot of chances this season though. I will continue to work on that because I want to be more clinical in front of goal.

Your girlfriend and daughter have also been here a while now. How have you and your family settled in? What do you do when you're not playing football?

Modeste: We all feel very happy here in Germany. My daughter is enjoying her time in school and is working hard to learn German. We spend our free time at home, or go to Heidelberg to the zoo, the playground or go swimming.

The last few home games have gone perfectly for Hoffenheim. What makes you confident that you can collect three points against Mainz?

Modeste: If we work hard and stay disciplined off the ball, as well as follow the manager's tactics, then we will have a good chance of beating Mainz.

And we've got to ask about your language skills. Cross (Flanke), header (Kopfball), goal (Tor) are no problem, but what German sentence works best?

Modeste: "Danke, mir geht es gut. Und dir?" (I'm well, thank you. And you?)

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