Weis: "We can accomplish something next season"

Tobias Weis only took a few days off after the end of last year's season. Together with Yannick Obenauer, his pre-season preparation started earlier than for most of his team mates. Unfortunately, he suffered a knock to his calf in the training camp and was thus forced to continue working on his fitness, despite his team mates having a week off. used the opportunity to sit down with “Tobse” and ask him a few questions.

Tobias, a lot of your team mates are recovering from the strenuous training camp this week. How come you are here in Zuzenhausen?

Unfortunately, I received a knock to my calf and wasn't able to complete the full workload in the training camp. I'm making up for that now this week.

In order for you to be ready for the second phase of the pre-season preparation?

Exactly. We did a lot of work on stamina this week and it was very exhausting. I should be back to the same fitness level as my colleagues after this week.

During the summer break, you and Yannick Obenauer worked hard together in Turkey as a preparation for the start of training. How irritated are you about the calf injury?

Of course it's irritating to suffer a set back like this. But I was in good physical shape for the start of training thanks to my hard work during the summer break. I had to take a few days off now, but it wasn't a huge set back.

Eren Derdiyok, Roberto Firmino, Takashi Usami and Matthieu Delpierre were all limited in the training programme due to minor injuries. They are now here with you in Zuzenhausen trying to make up for the lost time. What is your impression of the new signings?

In terms of their characters, they fit in very well with us. They work very hard in training and it's noticeable that they are very eager to contribute to the teams goals.

Like Sejad Salihovic, you extended your contract at Hoffenheim for another four years. What are your plans with Hoffenheim?

My personal goals and those of the club are the same. We want to play a good role in the league. Our quality and experience has improved and I think we can accomplish something next season. Last season, especially our home game performances were not satisfying. It's our job now to give the fans something to cheer about.

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