Veh: "We want to act, not react“

Armin Veh took over Eintracht Frankfurt in the 2. Bundesliga and guided them to the top flight within one year. Upon taking charge, Veh set ambitious goals. Together with Bruno Hübner, he turned the squad on its head over the summer period. Despite a lack of experience in the squad, their start in the Bundesliga has been promising. asked the Frankfurt coach about his aims with the club, as well as the upcoming match against TSG.

Mr. Veh, Eintracht had a surprising start to the Bundesliga with a convincing offensive display against Bayer Leverkusen. How pleased were you with how your side reacted following the cup exit against Aue?

We saw a great Bundesliga game from both sides against Leverkusen. It wasn't easy to defend against such a strong attacking team; sometimes they've got six or seven men lurking around your penalty area. But with the help of the supporters we managed to create our own chances in both halves. We scored the goal at the right time. At the end of the day, I was pleased that we were rewarded for our courageous performance and weren't too disheartened by the defeat in Aue, or even the refereeing decisions against Leverkusen.

You altered the squad during the summer break. Your team has a lot of potential, but little experience. Are you going to avoid the relegation battle despite that fact? What are your goals with Frankfurt in the 2012/13 season?

As a promoted side the main goal is to carry on playing at this level. We want to do that by playing attractive football. We want to act, not react – that's how our team is assembled.

The squad now has your personal touch. Your focus is on young players capable of developing. It hasn't been that way in Eintracht's recent past. Could it be the way that Frankfurt look to grow in the long-term?

I think that something could really develop in Frankfurt with this team. We've got a really great bunch of lads, with a good mix of young and experienced players who have an opportunity to develop themselves here.

You will travel with your team to Sinsheim on Saturday. TSG have lost two competitive matches in a row to start the season. What do you expect from the Hoffenheim team in front of their own fans?

I think that Hoffenheim will go into the match full of ambition. As for the cup exit against Berlin, it wasn't the most ideal start to the season, but they played a good game against Gladbach and lost 2-1 in a close game. Therefore, I'm not expecting Markus Babbel to make too many changes.

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