Braafheid: “We need to have a really good day“

Hoffenheim's Dutch left-back Edson Braafheid, like his manager Markus Babbel, had a spell at this week's opponents FC Bayern Munich. He took time out for to briefly give his views on the game.

Edson, is the game against FC Bayern just another game for you, or does it mean something more?

I try to see it as a normal game, but I was a Bayern player for almost a year. It was my last club before I came to Hoffenheim and it was an eventful time. So in that sense it's a special game and the emotions may be different compared to another match. But all I have to do is my job, if the manager picks me to play. Nothing more and nothing less.

The home game finished 0-0, and you put in an excellent game performance on the left. What things will the team have to do well, if you are hoping to get something from this match?

We have to have a very good day, there's no question of that. We have to be really solid at the back and take our chances when we get them. Every player has to give 100% and fight for the cause. And we'll hope to catch Bayern on an off-day. If we can do all that, we'll see what happens.

Where do you see FC Bayern's biggest strengths, and do they have any weaknesses?

I don't think anyone would deny that they are one of the best teams in Europe. They have some unbelievable individuals in the squad. Recently, however, things haven't been going as well for them as they did earlier in the season, and there is even more pressure on them than usual. That may be an advantage for us, but it also might mean that they want to right a few wrongs against us. We had a situation like that when I was there. We had a phase where results dipped and we were criticised a lot. I remember we were under massive pressure going into a Champions League second leg game against Juventus. But we went to Turin and ended up winning 4-1 and didn't lose at all that month. The situation now feels a bit like that.

How important is Bastian Schweinsteiger?

I think he's the most important player they have in their team, because of his ability and his experience. He reminds me of Xavi and Andrés Iniesta; he isn't far off that standard. It would be good for us if he isn't fully fit for the game and can't quite manage 90 minutes.

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