Looking back on 2011: Germany's Formula One Champion

2011 was another year in which 1899 Hoffenheim made headlines. There were two managerial changes, as well as reshuffles among the club's top officials and executives. On the pitch, the club ended the first half of the current campaign in 9th place in the table. But it was a memorable year for our players as well, who have been telling of their sporting highlights. One of Andreas Beck's enduring memories of this calendar year was the victory in the Formula One Drivers' Championship by German Sebastian Vettel.

He is the youngest driver in history to win the Formula One World Championship, and he is German. But it isn't Michael Schumacher we're talking about; it's Sebastian Vettel. Born in Heppenheim, the 24-year-old sent fans wild with his victories on the circuit and won his second championship by a comfortable margin. “A phenomenal achievement”, concludes Hoffenheim's captain Beck, who himself experienced the power of a racing car at the DTM Finals in Hockenheim this year. As well as his impressive skills behind the wheel, Beck praises also Vettel's personal development and his maturity from a ‘petrol-head' into one of the gentlemen of racing. “In the last few years he has constantly improved and become more consistent. And this year his driving was almost perfect. He is a true champion!”

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