Question time with Peniel Mlapa

First competitive game, first goal for new signing Peniel Mlapa. We talked to the 19-year-old about his possible Bundesliga debut against Werder Bremen.

Peniel, a fantastic start for you personally and for the whole team in season 2010/11. Did it surprise you how quickly the team managed to get on the scoresheet in the first 30 minutes?

It was certainly surprisingly easier than we had inticipated. With half an hour played and being 4:0 up we knew the game was as good as over. But beforehand we certainly trained hard and prepared fully for the game. To press the opposition as we did we needed to be in peak condition.

Werder Bremen await you on Saturday - they're a different class to your last opponents. How would you describe Bremen as a club?

I haven't really seen too many of their games. They are in the Champions League on Wednesday, so we will see then. They certainly have a good team, and you have to respect them. I'm looking forward to the game.

Your Bundesliga debut is approaching. How much are you looking forward to it?

A lot! It's up to the manager to decide whether or not I play, but hope to be part of the team and experience my first Bundesliga match.

To catch the full interview with Peniel Mlapa head over to achtzehn99 TV.


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