Interview: Timo Hildebrand

A back injury has kept Timo Hildebrand out of action in recent weeks, but the 31-year-old goalkeeper made his return against Dortmund and spoke to after his side secured a point at the Signal Iduna Park.

Timo, what was it like returning after two weeks our injured? It was touch and go whether you would be able to play right up to kick off.

Yes, that's true. I was a bit earlier out of the changing rooms than normal because I didn't know whether I'd be able to play. I still felt something in our final training session, but in the warm up I realised everything was fine. I didn't feel like I'd been out for two weeks during the game.

It seemed it was going to be the same old story for a while - you played well and still went behind. What did the last-minute equaliser mean to the squad?

It was a very important point for us. We didn't sit back after going be behind which was a change from recent weeks. Still, it was only a minor step forward and we can't get too euphoric about it. Looking at it objectively, we scored from our only decent attack all game.

After the disallowed goal by Barrios you seemed to enjoy your best phase of the match, but then Valdez put Dortmund in front. What were your thoughts at that moment in time?

I just couldn't believe it. It was a setback, but we quickly got over it. We were the better team during that period of the match. I have to admit we were a bit lucky that Barrios' goal was given as offside, but it was all very quick and I was pretty sure he was offside.

Next up is HSV, who themselves are not enjoying their best form of late. What are you expecting from the game?

I just want to win again. It's been so long since we last won. HSV have an important game against Fulham on Thursday so that could be an advantage for us, but we can't perform as we have done recently at home.


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